Zahra Killeen-Chance

Zahra Killeen-Chance is a distinguished graduate from the New Zealand School of dance who is a performance artist and choreographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her choreographic practice asks how performance can be exposed as a self-actualizing, dynamic system that destabilizes meaning, and challenges the notion of a stable presence by highlighting dynamic relationships between binary values. The focus is on decentering the modalities of aurality, visibility, invisibility, stillness and motion, with the aim of exposing intermodal relationships across the senses and genders. She has been choreographing works for theatre since 2009, and since 2012 has been choreographing and performing in public and private gallery spaces. In 2015 she received a master's degree in Performing and Media Arts from the Auckland University of Technology. Her recent exhibitions include Elliptical Fiction, Taipei Artist Village (2017), 647nM, Bowerbank Ninow Gallery (2016), Subject of My Devotion, Peter McLeavey Gallery (2017), A Figure Exhales, Basement Theatre (2017), and Here, Now, Then, Always, The Wallace Arts Trust Collection (2017) in New Zealand, and Breath of Air at the Oceanic Performance Biennial (2015) in Rarotonga.