Elliptical Fiction

Inpired by the movement technique and philosophy of Tai Chi Chen. Elliptical Fiction incorporates the idea of yin and yang, and integrates seemingly opposing ideas. The phrase, the curve searching towards the line and the line searching towards the curve was one of the integral ideas for this performance and exhibition.

Created while at residence at the Taipei Artist Village thanks to the support from the Asia New Zealand Foundation and Creative New Zealand

Chorograpahed and performed by Zahra Killeen-Chance
Music Betty Apple
Exhibition in collabortation with Solomon Mortimer

Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan 2017
Depopulate 07, White Fungus, The Venue, Taipei, 2017
Depopulate Taichung, White Fungus, Little Playhouse, Taichung, 2017

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7DWzp0aQD0