Go Go Do

“GO GO DO, is a masterly movement study which deconstructs several 1960s social dances”  “curiously compelling GO GO DO for seven dancers was the choreographic standout”
Raewyn Whyte, Theatreview, 2012

"Zahra Killeen-Chance continues her exploration of quirky minimalist movement in GOGODO Part Two which is performed by a dead-pan cast of seven dancers using movements that appear to be derived from the go-go dance forms of the sixties, with a great deal of wit."
Jenny Stevenson, Thetreview, 2012

Go Go Do deconstructs the classic go-go dancing style by isolating, repeating, underplaying, exaggerating & undulating particular movements.

Choreography Zahra Killeen-Chance
Performers Lisa Greenfield, Geoff Maynard Gilson, Phoebe Hayhoe, Tallulah Holly-Massey, Shanelle Leneha, Molly Rose McDowall, & Maria Munkowits
Photos Solomon Mortimer

Short Film, Auckland City Art Gallery 2013
Trifle: A Triple Bill, Tempo '13
CNZ Development Workshop, Auckland 2013
IN TO, En Route Season; A Three Part Journey, Auckland 2012
The Living Room, curated by Mary-Jane O'Reily, Auckland 2012
Supreme Winner, Short & Sweet Dance Festival, Auckland 2012

Promotional video https://vimeo.com/77934935
GOGODO at the Auckland Art Gallery https://vimeo.com/82577192
Full length video password on request https://vimeo.com/145582197