Many things were not in the fantasy

‘Many things were not in the fantasy’ compels fact and fiction to play off against the family album. It is a collation of fragments from the relationship of Mortimer and Killeen-Chance that offer a slippage between their private lives, personal practices, and collaborative escapades. The eighty‐six plates they have produced together over the past three years resists a linear sequence and narrative logic. The banal domestic and public spaces have a non‐specificity that disrupts the notion of a fixed identity. Their performative inquiries remain an ambiguous record of Mortimer and Killeen‐Chance from 2014 to 2017.

Concept and Images: Solomon Mortimer and Zahra Killeen-Chance

Design: Solomon Mortimer

Printed: Taiwan

Size: 102mm (w) x 129mm (h)

Paper: light weight offset. About 40-50gsm, white

Binding: section sewn and glued

Cover: PVC pocket 

Pages: 200